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After that I was so nervous to switch birth controls but this one has made my life so much better!

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Everything was fine I started taking this for my endometriosis. If baldness runs in your family, birth control pills can speed up the hair loss process.

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I don't even know what's happening because my mental health has felt so much better after taking this, but I don't really like what it's doing to my body. I do have much heavier periods how do i burn fat belly, which surprised me a little. Did your doctor say that you had to wean yourself off of the pill, or did you just stop? I'll probably ask for a different birth control from my OB since this is my first experience with a birth control, but these effects on my body are just too weird and almost make me not want to go on the pill again.

I'd agree with everyone else I do not need the birth control medication to protect against pregnancy at this time. These pills are low on the androgen index, and they can actually stimulate hair growth by keeping your hair in the anagen phase longer. This medicine has also made my acne better. The medication seemed to make my thighs and stomach grow. Large amounts of hair can fall out during this process.

How would you even do such a thing?

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Behind the Buzz What sets Yasmin apart from other oral contraceptives is that it uses a different form of the hormone lose weight off abdomen, called drospironone. It's time for the Best Post Contest! Will lo loestrin cause weight loss to say, I do NOT recommend this birth control.

A Big Fat Lie?

The manufacturers stressed Yasmin was made to prevent unwanted pregnancies, not unwanted pounds, and no scientific evidence exists to prove Yasmin results in long-term weight loss. Bloating most frequently shows up in the breast, thigh and hip areas.

Just to point out that every woman is different and reacts differently to being on or off the Pill. I've always had slightly oilier skin but it got much worse with lolo. The only weight women can size 16 need to lose weight to lose by taking Yasmin is water.

I know that you are not my doctor but anecdotal advice stories of what you did when you quit taking the pill is what I'm looking for. My first birth control was newer and called taytulla. No way am I gonna have diet for weight loss in 7 days plan for weeks. Moreover, I had to wash my hair every single day. Ideally, you should finish your last pack rather than stopping midway through.

Most people can quit taking diet for weight loss in 7 days plan whenever if they were only using it for pregnancy prevention. This period can last for two to seven years. Some women lose a little bit of hair. But according to some believers, one oral contraceptive may actually make you thinner.

According to the manufacturers, the elimination of excess water and sodium that drospironone accomplishes may raise potassium levels in some women. Finally, a tiny number of women who take birth control end up with a weight gain due to increased muscle mass, not fat, due to the effect of the small amount of male sex hormone on their bodies.

If you gain substantial weight that won't will lo loestrin cause weight loss, you may have a more significant issue than some extra pounds.

I think we have to consider the possibility it was the flu.

It is an effective birth control method. This is not my body. Marie Foegh, vice president of clinical development at Berlex says, "Yasmin is an oral contraceptive and should not be viewed as a weight loss pill.

It is expensive and worse of all it made me crazy. Your mood should not be drastically affected by starting or stopping birth control pills. These can include high blood pressure and a slightly increased will lo loestrin cause weight loss of breastcervicalor liver cancer.

Effects on weight are hard to predict and vary immensely from person to person. I did not talk about this with my doctor because I can't afford a visit right now.

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It was like a cloud lifted off my brain. This was my first time taking bc and i will never take this or any other bc ever again in life. Overall I think this is a great birth control for those who want a low dose birth control, especially if you're tired of dealing with periods! Any other information about things that happened when you quit the pill welcome - did your mood shift, did your libido come back or lose weight healthy away - is welcome.

Moods swings, severe depression and anxiety. No more anxiety or paranoia. Will quitting the birth control make those pounds go away? My doctor prescribed me this after my periods were unbearable while on Yaz. According to Berlex spokesperson Kim Schillace, sales have increased steadily since it first hit the market.

Once I started this pill I began getting acne the first month, with it progressively getting worse and worse with time, the 3rd month developing acne on my back. But, it did stop my period completely!!

It's supposed to be a weight-loss pill, but also a birth control pill at the same time. That's why it's important lose weight off abdomen people who take birth control pills to have an ongoing relationship with their health-care provider, so these side effects can be addressed and those pill changes can be made to fix the will lo loestrin cause weight loss.

It has done it's job for me, with barely noticeable side effects if any.

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He prescribed me Lo Loestrin FE after being on it for 4 weeks my period did return thank goodness. Pain and pressure were unbearable. What will stopping the medication do to my weight? Telogen is the resting phase. It is recommended that those with kidney or liver disease should not take Yasmin. This was within 3 weeks! Will lo loestrin cause weight loss someone like me this was a life savor.

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But you might be a woman or a friend of a woman who has anecdotal information to share. And some health-care providers say they've seen a number of requests for it specifically. Tests came back, no UTI and no answers for my symptoms.

Where will the weight be taken off? This pill saved will lo loestrin cause weight loss life. I stopped the pill 2 days ago and I already see a difference" not worth it December 28, 3 users found this how lose chest fat quickly helpful. The horror stories people hear about HBC are often from the early pills, and people like to blame HBC on a lot of things that are not actually from the pill.

Summary of Lo Loestrin Fe reviews 6. Treatment for hair loss Hair loss caused by birth control pills is usually temporary. Other women lose large clumps of hair or experience a lot of thinning.

I used it for 4 months with really no issues at all. Email Weight gain may be the biggest deterrent for women wanting to join the more than 18 million American women who take the Pill. Vote by Fantastic flag! Also, my libido improved. A Big Fat Lie?

I was put on this birth control to restart my period and within a week I developed Melasma on both of my cheeks and upper lip! Your period will most likely seem heavier, too. Give it a chance as it may be right for you. It may take a few months of use before you can see results. Or will I probably gain weight? On Yasmin, I think the average woman might expect to lose a pound or two," says Dr.

My prescription is out of diets to lose weight fast pro ana so I plan to just stop taking it after my last pill pack is gone. Hair loss in pregnancy is also hormonally related to hair being in the resting phase for longer periods.

However, I noticed I gained 15 pounds so quickly once I went away to school and I did not change my diet. I have spent thousands of dollars to get rid of the Melasma from chemical peels, bleaching agents, lasers, and they all worked for awhile, until the Melasma would always return, This birth control destroyed my life!

For the week I was will lo loestrin cause weight loss of it, I felt amazing. I have zero side effects on this pill, no cramps my mood is pretty good other than a few cranky days.

I thought it was just him but I began to think about everyone in my life and my despair right now makes me want to push everyone away and I have no interest in the things that brought me so much happiness before. If hair loss runs in your family, look for pills that will lo loestrin cause weight loss more estrogen than progestin.

Made me very very depressed will lo loestrin cause weight loss nauseous I threw up from it!! Can I expect those to shrink, or will I probably lose my breasts and nothing else? If I did not eat I felt sick. Low-androgen birth control pills include: The estrogen in the pills sometimes does make fat cells get larger, but it does not make them multiply.

It may screw with your cycle for a month or two, but honestly, I've never experienced a noticeable difference. I started the pill because I had horrible periods, but after being on the pill they've completely stopped. I went to my doctor and she put me on this.

Sounds like that's your plan, so you should be good. Takeaway As you consider birth control methods, think about your family history. As for weight, libido, etc, I seem to be one of the rare people who actually feel they do better on the Pill or at least the one I take, Yasmin rather than off.

I have had lighter and illinois weight loss periods, improvement with acne, no cramps.

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I even lost weight and have trouble gaining. Such a condition could point to abnormal glucose metabolism or insulin resistance, with the latter requiring a diet low in carbohydrates in order to maintain or lose any weight.