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My order of Vanilla Shakeology finally arrived the day before. I truly love this program. I was definitely feeling the soreness the next morning! It wont make you feel good, and it will do the opposite of slim you down. As they become D deficient, a whole host of symptoms set in making it harder for them to control their weight.

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I only followed the Slim Down for 5 days, so keep that in mind when reading through this post! I would recommend doing this over a juice cleanse But, if you know you don't have the discipline to do it aka, bindge on carbs the next day because your body is screaming for themdon't do it.

You can also just go to their website and learn about them.

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I was sooo tired whenever I woke up since I managed getting 4 hours of sleep. No sugar added for once!

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Overall, I LOVED starting my day with a smoothie and eating something a little heavier like a burn off chest fat fast of overnight oats mid-morning. It feels more manageable in my schedule and less overwhelming.

The goal behind this slim down was to complete everything. For my snack, I had 1 whole banana.

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I was excited to wake up on Saturday morning and see my results. Check out more info at www.

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Once I finished my dinner, I sat down at the table and filled in the rest of my progress chart. Pictured is a preview of my meals this week.

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This just simply meant more workout time whenever I got home. They include fatty fish such as wild salmonD fortified dairy products, eggs, mushrooms, whole grain bread, tofu, orange juice, and breakfast cereal. I enjoyed an iced coffee as seven day slim down results since it was a little hot in the office.

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This 7 day plan, is a little more intense so 1 hour of cardio is a lot but, this is why it is only 7 days and they only advise to do this twice a year maximum really. For lunch, I made another spicy mustard wrap since I had to use up the ingredients before they went bad. Dinner was the roasted Brussels sprouts recipe since I needed to eat them up before they went bad weight loss for females over 30 well.

7 Day Slim Diet | Kickstart Your Weight Loss | Protein World So how was the week? I got a variety of different flavors and brands.

It was during the Superbowl and I'm sorry -- not going to pass up pizza! The shrimp was made with garlic, paprika, salt, pepper, and other ingredients.

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  • 5 Day Slim Down and Body Revolution, Review and Results | Running In My Pearls
  • It helps to give you a natural energy boost, cleans out your system, and gives you a glow.

I am a super organized person, so this felt great filling everything in and seeing that I finally accomplished something.