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A study in a issue of Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, demonstrated students who had healthful eating behaviors, but perceived a high stress level exhibited a higher body fat gain than students who had similar healthful eating behaviors but low perceived stress.

Cut the Stress

Limit the amount of sugar and alcohol that you consume. Most people are accustomed to flavored beverages, so trying to drink at least eight glasses a day can be a pain.

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Late night eating is generally a component of the college experience. As long as you have access to some basic weightlifting equipment, you can get started. You don't need a Kit Kat bar at 1 a.

If not, there is probably one close to your campus that offers student discounts. According to a study that was written by researchers from the Department of Medicine at University of Chicago and published in a issue of Sleep Medicine Reviews, sleep loss may play a role do diet pills really work statin increased obesity.

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Below are some helpful resources to check out that can help you maintain, and even improve, your health. There are a lot of blogs and websites that offer good recipes for college students.

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Never eat second helpings. Over time, this can lead to weight gain. Beginner Weight-Training Guide —Discover the rules of lifting etiquette, learn about the common mistakes to avoid, and find easy-to-follow workouts that include pictures and tips.

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Air pop popcorn instead of using caloric microwave popcorn. So having a good college diet and workout plan can benefit you physically, mentally, and academically. Learn about proper portion sizes. Make sure you change it up when you are at the gym.

Find a College Fitness Blog If you are worrying about how to not gain weight in college, then finding an informative fitness blog or two that you love can help you keep on track. We've provided you with a lot of information and resources that can help you customize a plan that will work best for you.

College Diet & Fitness Plan | How to Avoid Weight Gain

Instead of signing up for a gym membership that you never use or struggling through workouts that you hate and will eventually give up on, take some time right now to explore a variety of workouts and find one that appeals to you. It acknowledges that you're going to cheat and don't need to feel deflated because of do diet pills really work statin.

Unfortunately, there is no "quick fix" for losing the weight you gain. With a mix of humor, fun, and love, the three ladies that run this blog share their wisdom regarding how to get active and eat healthy without depriving yourself.

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Rice cakes made from whole grain rice. Get More of It! Eating breakfast will jump start your metabolism and give you more lose weight in college during the day.

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Healthy Budget Dinner Recipes —Uncover fast, healthy, and budget-friendly dinner recipes. A study published in a issue of Eating Behaviors suggests that late-night eating of unhealthful food occurs more often on drinking nights than on non drinking nights.

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The negative affects of sleep deprivation may actually increase the number of people's food intake periods and increase their potential intakes of high-energy dense foods, such as fast food and soft drinks, which are easily accessible on campus.

It's better to aim to lose one or two pounds a week rather than decide you want to lost 30 pounds as soon as possible. This was the hardest step for most people.

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Check out the ones listed below for some inspiration: Stop feeling guilty about the occasional binge. It's going lose weight in college happen. One to two pounds a week, is a healthy weight loss goal.

Is Obesity Among College Students Really That Common?

Only eat what you can carry to the table with your own two hands. One teaspoon of butter is about the size of your thumb tip.

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Start a food journal and write down everything you eat. This blog can help you stay current on the latest CrossFit workouts and tips while inspiring you to keep pushing yourself. The best part is that the recipes have no more than eight ingredients and don't take any how to lose calves and thigh weight than 20 minutes to complete.