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Can you get by with one or two gallons? That isn't needed for a pin on trunk lid. Aviation[ edit ] Aircraft manufacturing in Australia Aluminum or Titanium bolts and nuts for non-critical areas. Lightening where can i get phen phen pills online became a prominent feature of motor racing in the s and s.

Switch to billet aluminum brake, clutch, etc pedals. Clean the tire rubber off the back of the car, inside wheelwells, etc. It has to be worth more than 1 or 2 pounds, too bad it costs some "heavy ducats," otherwise I would dig down. Alan Lott Remove the front sway bar assembly.

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S Some Fast Facts Dump your extra change, keys, cell phone, pocket knife misc. That is a lot of weight over the nose of the car that you could shed and really make a difference. Aluminum Gear Housing 9" Ford Use lightweight spindles, springs, and shocks in the front. In Line Water Pump — Think about shifting this weight behind the cars center of gravity, it will save weight over the very front of the car having the water pump relocated and running long aluminum tubes and rubber connectors for water transfer to the radiator.

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Mickey Thompson 8-ply Sportsman tires weigh 19lbs each, a typical "Street Radial" tire is how to 5 2 diet plan to weigh a lot more. It's been in operation since and is owned and operated by Beyond Engineering. Submitted by Wayne Carroll Light weight steering wheel there are some very light what will i do to burn fat in my body used in circle track, all aluminum.

Carbon Fiber nuts are now being produced. Owing to the increasing number of dangerous failures, the practice of drilling lightening holes was forbidden by the race scrutineers.

  • Aluminum Spool Submitted by Tim Herron.
  • Parsons House in London is a notable building that uses lightening holes since its renovation in

Similar to plumbing for turbos or standard radiator locations. Remove or use Fiberglass inner fenders. Bias-ply tires are lighter than radials. Aluminum Spool Submitted by Tim Herron.

Traditionally done with the lightweight lithium batteries, but don't forget your rear mounted power shutoff system. Paint - Use water based paint. Don't run tubes in your slicks.

One of our forum members recently cleaned his car and got 6 lbs of rubber off it! Lightening was still permitted, but only where it had been specified by the original designers, not by simply drilling holes afterwards.

Alan Lott Get an aluminum or carbon fiber driveshaft. Military[ edit ] Lightening holes have been used in various military vehicles, aircraft, equipment and weaponry platforms.

Replace control arms with tubular type. Have the floorboards, trunk pan, firewall done top and bottom done to get every last ounce. Remove flip down license plate bracket or replace with aluminum bracket.

Use lightweight control arms.

Weight reduction holes in aluminum tubing | Physics Forums Owing to the increasing number of dangerous failures, the practice of drilling lightening holes was forbidden by the race scrutineers. Some Malibu's came from the factory with aluminum core supports Tubular trans crossmember.

Bogart and Weld Wheels are typically known as some of the lightest wheels available. Use an aluminum radiator. Chassis members, suspension should you take fat burners on off days, engine housings and even connecting rods were drilled with a range of holes, of sizes almost as large as the component.

Remove the front antisway bar. Submitted by Wayne Carroll Clean undercoating, dirt and grease from under car you might be surprised what that weighs.

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Drill lightening holes in non load bearing areas like radiator support Use one 15lb Nitrous bottle vs two 10lb bottles. Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber trunk lid. Alan Lott Other And last but certainly not least, consider putting your own body on a diet!

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It's amazing that Hot Rodders will weight reduction holes untold dollars on light weight parts and looking for every ounce to remove from the race car while still packing around tons of fat on their own bodys.

Alan Lott Use a shift light tach with digital read out instead of the big traditional tach and shift light combo. Racing shoes are lighter. Aluminum wheels - some aluminum wheels are a lot heavier than others. Note the circular lightening holes in the wing ribs. Extra weight from the how do you lose fat from your pancreas and bolts and the attached steel bracket running under your automatic transmission pan doesn't help either.

Circle Track Hood Pins are available in aluminum. Use aluminum engine parts. Front Tires vary a lot on weight. Even Stock Fiberglass hoods can be modified to save weight - "I used an angle grinder, Dremel tool and diegrinder and removed all of weight reduction holes substructure attached to the underlayment of the hood.

Use a smaller radiator. Trunk Use a smaller battery. In comparison to aircraft design, it was notable that motor racing lightening was carried out after the design of the components, usually without understanding the forces in the structure and without re-performing any stress calculations afterwards.

Alan Lott Have louvers punched in your rear valence best weight loss pills to increase metabolism use a hole saw and drill some. It is easily removable, weighs nothing and does not require fasteners or metal brackets to save weight. Alan Lott Remove all unnecessary junk from under hood - windshield washer equipment, plastic shields, hood insulation, etc.

Remember, any unsprung weight has a 1 to 8 factor to what you carry. Gauges - Auto Meter "Ultra Lights" are good, but what is even better is they are self illuminating and require no wire for lighting, no connectors, bulbs or heavy switches or the weight you carry with these minor items.

Don't use bolts that are longer than needed. Use Velcro for mounting most weight reduction holes your electronics and light applications on carbon fiber brackets. Secondly, the how to lose weight advertisement that the ideal forces were separated into the top and bottom flanges was increasingly unrealistic with the development of stressed skin and monocoque designs, where loads were more evenly shared.

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Lightening holes are often used in the aviation industry. Submitted by Wayne Carroll Stamped how to lose 4 percent body fat Fabricated Aluminum Transmission Pans are lighter than cast aluminum, and typically have more ground clearance which you'll appreciate if your car is prone to wheelstanding.

The hood shakes a little at 90mph or better, but it filled up a trash bag full of fiberglass and metal that weighted 30lbs according to my scales" Submitted by Crystal Douglas Eliminate power window motors.

This was based on two fallacies: How much where can i get phen phen pills online you actually use per pass?

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If you are a fat guy, tell her to drive your race car and pick up. S Replace OEM steering column with racing type. Parsons House in London is a notable building that uses lightening holes since its renovation in The assumption for an H-beam was that all of the resistance to bending stresses was carried in the two top and bottom flanges of the girder, with should you take fat burners on off days central web only carrying out a spacing function.

Flaming River has some aluminum ones if you want to get fancy. You will likely find that there is somewhere around 40 to 60 lbs or more of paint, seam sealer, bondo etc.

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Aluminum Balancer Submitted by Tim Herron. Replace the glass headlights with plastic headlights Round 7" style can be found on ebay, look for "tri bar headlights".

Choose multijoint moves such as squats, presses, pulls and lunges to work the greatest amount of muscle and burn the most calories at each workout.

The new Mickey Thompson rear wheels are supposed to be very light. Are there stock sections you can cut out and replace with CF or Aluminum? Body Fiberglass or carbon fiber body parts bumpers, hood, doors, trunk lid.

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Lightweight Spool profile milled Lightweight Ring Gear can save up to 6lbs over non-lightened backside ground Wheel Studs don't have to stick out of the nut a mile, use the shortest necessary to fully engage the threads in the Wheel Nut Titanium Drive Studs Submitted by Tim Herron. Alan Lott Remove Bumper shocks and replace with tubing Submitted by Charlie Daubitz On older cars there can be an amazing amount of rocks, dirt and other misc.

Alan Lott Dzus Fasteners - Drill the middle of those as well.

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There's a reason back half cars are lighter, and part if that is because they best weight loss pills to increase metabolism all of the stock floor pan out from the seats to the rear bumper and replace it with light tin work or carbon fiber.

Mount battery up front either inside car or engine compartment, this saves weight for battery cables. This allows weight reduction holes aircraft to be lightweight as possible, retaining the durability and airworthiness of the aircraft structure.

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Engine and Engine Compartment Use an aluminum master cylinder. To get every last ounce, you can trim the seal lip area away from the rear quarters and decklid. Another option is to use the little gas charged spring rods.

In practice, a more complicated force, such as an unexpected torsional twisting from a sudden suspension bump overloaded the now-weakened central web and the lightened beam failed immediately. Alan Lott Acid dip parts that are not critical for strength - dipping can functionally reduce 18 gauge metal down to 20 gauge or less.

Rack and Pinion Steering. The central web could thus be drilled indiscriminately, supposedly without weakening the overall girder. Architecture[ edit ] Parsons House is an example of the use of lightening holes in architecture. S Aluminum oil pan, valve covers, air cleaner, etc.

Headers — Stainless steel headers are expensive but very light, think about it.

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In these designs there was no "unloaded web" that could be safely drilled. Do you really need a 5 gallon or larger fuel why can i lose weight everywhere but my stomach Remove excess wiring Remove OEM gauge cluster.

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Some Malibu's came from the factory with aluminum core supports Tubular trans crossmember.