The rocks diet plan, i tried dwayne johnson's insane diet and here's what happened | gma

This is what Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson really eats

It's not exactly a "perfectly" balanced week of workouts for the average gym-goer, but a great plan for someone with muscle-building goals. I've never been so full in my life, and the food babies of Thanksgiving dinner past are nothing compared to this one. Finally, he ends his day by pairing a 10 egg-white omelet with 30 grams of casein the rocks diet plan.

Not even on a different, less-likely-to-vom occasion, but on the same day. Banana chocolate chip pancakes are his fave cheat day meal Instagram If there is one thing you must know about The Rock's diet, it's that he loves pancakes.

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It's like candy that's good for you! While the physical results of abstaining from sugar certainly show, it takes a lot of willpower to resist junk food and dessert for most of your life.

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Adding planks and abs throughout the workouts either while warming up, cooling down, or in between sets of biceps curls was easy enough. If only giving up our own pancake obsession was so easy! However, if I can put my mind to doing this, who knows what else I can accomplish?

Dwayne Johnson's Rock-Hard Hercules Workout And Diet Plan

Each meal is as follows: The Rock Diary Entry 6: Those, coupled with all the rows, pulldowns, and shrugs, just about destroyed my grip strength for the rest of the day. The next time someone tells me The Rock "got that big by doing 'roids" a comment I got from a fast weight loss diet plan lose 10kg in 5 days of people during this experimentI'm going to challenge them to do his biceps workout.

That email doesn't look right.

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Needless to say it doesn't seem like this guy is going to run out of protein any time soon! Now that's living large. He saves the sweets for cheat day Shutterstock One thing you may notice when looking at The Rock's average diet is that it's healthy.

I say redownloaded because I actually used to use this app — I genuinely woke up laughing every day.

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Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson is known for a lot of roles: He usually eats them baked, but when his family chef, Chef Evelyn, is in charge she'll cook up some baked sweet potato fries for a change. If "you are the rocks diet plan you eat," the Rock is fish Shutterstock Gym bros and fitness fiends are always talking about the importance of lean proteinand it would seem that The Rock has taken this to heart.

Not to mention, during every single chest workout, I had to circle the cable machine like a hawk just to work in my sets.

He eats a massive amount of white rice

But somehow, I made it. Holy Hell, that's a lot of upper body—but I guess that's how you get earthquake- zombie- and haunted board game-fighting arms. But that's fast weight loss diet plan lose 10kg in 5 days even the worst gym mansplaining story out there. P2p transformation diet plan I can hear is him saying: He usually sticks to lean fish like cod or halibut, but on cheat day Johnson is all about the Philadelphia roll.

Sadly, I had to stop because I kept having extremely vivid dreams that The Rock was standing over my bed and singing to me at 3: It was probably the most grueling workout I have ever done and my belief that The Rock isn't human is getting stronger by the minute. What you probably saw was short-term hypertrophy.

This is what Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson really eats

He'll eat up to two cups of oatmeal and six cups of rice when trying to bulk up. And wrist and forearm veins, for that matter. The Rock eats a surprising amount of grains Instagram The Rock eats a surprising amount of pretty much everything, but it's no surprise that he usually sticks to lean proteins throughout the day as a major part of his diet. You've got mayo, avocado, and whatever that "imitation crab" stuff is made out of.

I did a Charles Glass-style dumbbell high row instead. If you want to hear that for yourself, here how to slim down wide calves the soundbite. Since it's cheat day we wouldn't be surprised if there was some creamy mayo or at least a dressing of oil and vinegar on there too.

After his morning cardio he'll take scoops of Optimum Nutrition's Amino Energya mix of powdered amino acids and caffeine. They're not little meals, either. Compared to his cheat day meals, baked sweet potato fries are definitely a modest indulgence.

The Rock weighs almost double my body weight, so there is no way in hell this diet would be sustainable for me, or my wallet — these groceries were expensive AF.

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Next up, how about 16 California rolls? It's his last meal of the day where he goes haywire, enjoying a massive 10 egg-white omelet before trying to get some shut-eye. Eating low-carb Monday-Wednesday totally means its justified to have spaghetti carbonara for lunch and dinner on Thursday, right?

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One look at his diet reveals that he sucks down more protein in a single day than many of us do in a the rocks diet plan. My main conclusion so far is that The Rock kapha weight loss supplements not an actual human, just a super-species alien with a stellar smile.

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Turns out, the way you get arms like that isn't taking drugs—it's doing bloody biceps curls in one workout. Like, super healthy, textbook healthy, Hulked-out bodybuilder healthy, not "Lean Cuisine and Organic Doritos" healthy. Johnson often shares photos of these epic stacks along this bit of wisdom: If I'm this tired and it's 6 am, I don't know how the hell The Rock wakes up two hours earlier than I have Not to mention he needs something to soak up all the delicious fish will i lose weight after c section from the heaping piles of cod he consumes.

One of his favorite indulgences is sushiand you better not hold the cream cheese the rocks diet plan mayo! The Rock Diary Entry 2: That explains why The Rock eats so many sweet potatoes, making them a part of his daily diet whether he's bulking up or cutting down.

I Worked Out Like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for 3 Weeks

You might think that with his workout regime, he can eat whatever he wants whenever he wants. I had to switch the order of the workouts around a bit to jive with my schedule, but I didn't miss one Rockout as I was calling them during the three weeks. The app gives me the option to be woken up by Dwayne gently singing, "Good morning sunshine, get your candy ass out of bed," and also to wake up at "Rock Time" aka 3: And the next day?

I know people use that expression a lot, but after having a staring contest with Meal 6 for an hour before being able to finish it, I genuinely mean it.

I tried Dwayne Johnson's insane diet and here's what happened | GMA

It'd been a while since I'd hit the weight room solo and dedicated some serious time to each of these muscle groups. Though he does speak of getting the " sugar sweats " after weight loss 25 kg in these massive pancake meals, he's always back at the gym how to slim down wide calves ready to replace pancakes with cod and rice the next day.

The Rock Diary Entry 1: Besides learning what Charles Glass and VT-style workouts were like, I also did my first-ever set of dumbbell shrugs.

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That being said, if you're not a totally ripped action hero who works out a bazillion hours a day, you should probably stick to the USDA's recommendation of no more than ounces of refined grains a day. After walking for a solid hour around the park, I was honestly feeling a lot better. Alright, DJ, I see you.

What Happened When I Did The Rock's Workout for 3 Weeks | Shape Magazine

But it turns out it takes a lot of discipline and an "in" at your local wholesale fish market to eat like The Rock. The closest he'll get is sweet potatoes.

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  2. His muscle-building diet is a little different, but it still includes grain.

Did I get "bulky" or "big"? When he's in muscle-building mode, Johnson sometimes eats a whopping 52 ounces of animal-based protein in one hour span, and one of his top choices is fish.

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Arms Remember that crazy rep scheme from shoulder day? Luckily, science has my back: But since calf work isn't a part of my normal routine—or, really, even on my radar—I noticed that I typically let a full week pass between doing any calf exercises.