Girl overdosed on diet pills. NHS: ‘Third World’ A&E slated after diet pill overdose girl’s death |

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The teenager died at home after swallowing DNP at home, which he had bought over the internet. She had suffered mental health issues since being sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, Barry Finch, who was sentenced to six years behind bars in August But Mr Williams ruled none of the failings were a cause of Miss Shipsey's death and that she probably would not have survived if she had been given different care, including sedation and 48 hour weight loss cooling treatment.

But the year-old from Worcester was "not considered a suicide risk" by mental health doctors despite previously taking 14 overdoses. Dr Alireza Niroumand, an emergency junior medical doctor who treated Shipsey, told the inquest it was one of the busiest days he had experienced. Like us on Facebook.

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It was not that the staff could not cope, it just meant that it took them longer to deal with each patient. Samaritans operates a hour service available every day of the year.

  • The teenager had made body building 'the main aim in his life' and he dreamed of playing international rugby.
  • Coroner Rules Worcester Woman's Death From Diet Pill Overdose Was Suicide - Heart West Midlands

It is sold mostly over the internet under a number of different names but contains 2, 4-Dinitrophenol. It was one of the most challenging shifts we have worked. We need them to actually remove fat pulled pork to their regulators. The inquest has previously heard how busy the A and E at the Worcestershire Royal was on the night she died and that doctor's hadn't looked up information about the drug she'd taken which had DNP in it.

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She was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital, where she was on home leave from a psychiatric ward, following the overdose on February 15 last year. I became aware that there was a suicide pact between her and her ex-partner. Ms Shipsey had informed us they were the pills she bought earlier, had stopped using them and had no intention of using them further.

Eloise - known as Ella - 21, from Shrewsbury, who suffered from the eating disorder bulimia, drove herself to hospital after taking eight 'fat burner' pills which contained DNP.


Last month, her parents told a coroner how overworked nurses and doctors overlooked their daughter because they had been busy with other patients. The body-builder from Buckinghamshire could not stop sweating and was rushed to hospital when he started to struggle to fat burner sg.

Under questioning from Michael Walsh, representing Ms Shipsey's parents, Doug and Carole, the doctor said he should have consulted the Poisons department in order to fully understand a drug he had "never seen before".

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Worcestershire Coroner Geraint Williams recorded a narrative verdict, including a finding of suicide, after ruling that the care Miss Girl overdosed on diet pills received at Worcestershire Royal Hospital had been "significantly substandard" and included several "basic" failings. She suffered from mental health issues after being sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, Barry Finch, 23, who was sentenced to six years in jail in August Sean Cleathero, 28, drank a dissolved a sachet of DNP as part of a fitness and weight-loss plan.

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She confirmed the department failed to meet their target of an initial assessment within fifteen minutes in Ms Shipsey's case. Bethany Shipsey, 21, died on a hospital trolley having been moved three times in 20 minutes and her last words were "mum, mum, mum.

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Depending on the amount consumed, signs of acute poisoning could include nausea, vomiting, restlessness, flushed skin, sweating, dizziness, headaches, rapid respiration and irregular heart-beat, possibly leading to coma and death. Bethany Shipsey who died after taking an overdose of diet pills Image: Doug and Carole Shipsey with a picture of their daughter Image: She had on several other occasions tried to take overdoses.

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An inquest heard she swallowed pills she had bought online from Ukraine before texting a friend saying she had overdosed. Beth was rushed to Worcestershire Royal Hospital where her parents pleaded with nurses to treat her but there were delays recognising her condition Worcestershire Acute Trust admitted delays in recognising Beth's condition but said it believed her death was inevitable.

Selena Walrond, 26, who was desperate to lose weight, died in agony after taking DNP.