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Host is down to earth and practical.

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He's just you're regular guy. Getting 7 hours of sleep a night Getting as close to calories a day which means giving up mid-day snacks Drinking 80 ounces of Water Getting 10, steps When I do this I love weight. Because Dave is perfect?

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If your listening to his podcast it's obvious you have had issues with weight. Thanks and keep up the fantastic work. So if you don't know what you need to do to lose weight, you might prefer one of those.

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This show helped me a lot by junco on Apr 24, Rating: Just listen to the one and it stop me from eating before going to sleep Logical Weight Logical weight loss podcast by r on May 17, Rating: Need more by Carlie3 on Dec 21, Rating: What a complainer, can't stand his voice and how to lose last half inch of belly fat interruptions.

Keep up the good work, Dave! A great tool for weight loss!

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You say how you feel and I believe in you. In fact, this podcast would probably be better if HE would listen to these other podcasts and talk about how he's trying to put these ideas logical weight loss podcast practice. Please Supprt the Show by visiting www. I like to listen when Im at the gym The latest being his fascination with Slimgenics.

Hi Dave by jen on Dec 18, Rating: Then I thought about that. What have I done? Alcohol increase appetite Risky Drinking I watched Risky drinking and it really shows you how Drinking leads to one week veg diet plan bad.

You can use your own body weight to get yourself in shape using just your body. He is up-front and honest about that. I like his anecdotes and stories he finds on the Internet.

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I am using this to remind myself that I can do this. I now hold a degree in health and exercise science and have a great passion for helping others meet their goals. Get with It by stevejsnow on Jan 26, Rating: Do not leave us! Many parts of his body composition improved.

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We believe the lies often because it leads to an easier path. Dave is a real person who works through the challenges of weight loss and maintenance. To end this long winded review I would like to thank Dave for continuing this podcast and never giving up, in the end that is my favorite part, how inspiring not giving up can truly be.

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And I certainly wish Dave the best with this program. He plays around with apps and logical weight loss podcast but never seems to get anywhere. I Don't Have Time To Cook This is where we need to start the stopwatch on your phone the next time you go to get some "fast food. Most if not all of the things that went wrong in your life we based on best weight loss supplements otc lie.

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My favorite Podcast by duffyd on Mar 27, Rating: Dave is very very relatable an I think that is why I can always go back and re-listen to episodes, or hear new ones and feel comforted and inspired. I am looking forward to more podcasts. Where by EllenHenderson on Feb 09, Rating: So I started out and I rode my bike all the way to the top. If you are looking for a "here's how I lost pounds," this isn't what you're looking for.

There are lots of podcasts out there who have already lost all their weight, and now they're trying to tell us how to do it. Instead of looking at the hill in front of me, I look at the tire and the road to make sure I wasn't hitting any holes in the road, etc.

From his description, this does not sound like a program that could be sustainable, but it does sound like a starting point.

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So I decided to do five miles. The episodes are timeless because he's not chasing the newest craze, or giving you the latest "Dr. He said if he could do his podcast in the minutes it took him to take his daily walk, then we could fit walking into our daily lives. I still take off the skin. He logical weight loss podcast through a major "Caffeine Headache" but ended up feeling so much better once he weathered the storm.

So I started focusing on it, and low and behold the weight is coming back off.

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Things happen, his weight goes up, life goes on. Just like listening to a friend!


Losing logical weight loss podcast is going to be hard, but Can u lose weight on a 500 calorie diet can do this. He's a regular person whose podcasts sit with me for years after he produces them because he's doesn't pretend to be a guru, he's himself.

Absolutely no side effects and definitely curbs your appetite. You can read more about it here.

Exercise is Boring Get some music, and pump up the jams. I have no problem for Dave recouping some of his costs by targeted live ads in his podcast. I suspect that slender people aren't the ones who tune into a podcast like this. Love the new show opening and format! I'm just loving it!!! It turns out I was stronger than I thought.

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Your body only has so much time during the day to burn calories. Great, relatable podcast by Kdsafi on Jan 28, Rating: If you don't like it this week, you just might love it next time! Putting it gingerly the host beats him self up and whines about lack of weight loss for good portion of the show.

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I have been on the quest to a healthy lifestyle for over 6 years. I also purchased the Skinny Songs cd after hearing the theme music on David's podcast. You don't have to do dishes. Don't have a library. You can have success or you can have excuses, but you can only choose one.

I ways to burn body fat at home buy a gadget, once, but I find his advice to be very useful and not all tied to touting products.

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I like hearing about new gadgets he is trying, or new recipes, or new foods. And rarely is anything entirely his fault. I also like that he reads so much.

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  • While there are obvious sponsor plugs, the amount of time spent discussing the sponsor's product is not too much to be a turn-off.
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I do hate the intro music because I think only wanting to be thin is a poor goal. You can purchase frozen vegetables or canned and have a protein chicken and a carb vegetables ready to go for a healthy meal. I know I have had. The Risky Drinking Documentary even points out that at one point your brain gets re-programmed and your reward center is dysfunctional, your stress function goes into overdrive, and your logical "good decisions" part of the brain is busted.

The Conditions Aren't Right Zig Ziglar once said, "If you wait for all the lights to turn green at the same time, you good diet plans to lose logical weight loss podcast fat never make it to work.

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I listen to other podcast but when you talk you speak to us, not at us, you are genuine and I love it! No shame in that YOU keep me motivated! Inspirational by Karrgal77 on Oct 21, Rating: What I like most about Dave is that he's just like me, he's a normal person who struggles, has moments of weakness and in the end is optimistic of the future.

We all have reasons why we aren't slender.

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I think you'll find you good diet plans to lose body fat time and money, and calories eating at home. Like listening to a friend by Seequinn on Feb 09, Rating: My body letting me know it appreciated the extra effort. Where I live I might as well logical weight loss podcast at the bottom of a coffee cup.

I ended up riding 10 miles that day. I also love that weight loss miracle diet talks through what works and what does not work for him. Then when you run out of time, you still have all these other calories waiting to get burned, but the alcohol cut in line.

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There is a premium group that costs money to join. Dave is up front about his challenges logical weight loss podcast what is working and what isn't. Not only is David down to earth and human, he is also very informative and is doing all the reading and researching for me.