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I also agreed that although there are a few different variations you can choose, the 5 day with no dinner was the way to how much weight could you lose in 45 days. I truly thought this would be far harder for me then it turned out to be since I love food so much.

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Here's to a healthy and satisfying week! I am thrilled with my results obviously and I do feel like these juices helped get me started in a really huge way. I did not want to do this, so I brought home 3 days worth and went back to the store on the third day to get the last 2 days worth of juices. I found this to be ideal because at that point I knew which ones I preferred and I was then able to customize it a bit.

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I contacted Julie at a particularly bloated moment during the Passover holiday and told her I wanted to do the juice cleanse as soon as the holiday was over. I was happy to be able to start the day early with a juice- but again I had to drink the green juice! This pretty much captures my emotions about drinking green juice.

I Tried a 3-Day Juice Cleanse and I'll Never Do It Again

The green juice is a mix of kale, spinach, pineapple, rice milk, banana, and mango. I want cookies, pasta, and sandwiches.

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I started telling everyone and all of my health conscious friends wanted to try my juices. It sounded like it would be really difficult for me to endure but at the same time very promising.

The scale registered a 2.

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I will be posting more health, diet and fitness related blogs in the near future as well so look out for them and feel free to request any you'd specifically like to see. If you like this video, let me know by giving it a "thumbs up". My energy levels are amazing and my brain is clear.

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Well I don't have it anymore. When my cleanse is over, I eat french toast drowning in syrup.

JUS by Julie Cleanse - a review

I truly decided to try it on my own and paid with it entirely with my own money. Day 4 - I was excited to weigh myself.

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I wanted real food and was getting really excited about the healthy diet food I would eat once the cleanse was finished. Let's face it, greens are not our first choice of food! I was so full after and never required a 6th, but this will certainly vary according to individual body weight and dietary requirements.

If you want to enjoy a slice of pizza, try making one at home using healthier ingredients. If you eat your first meal at 7 a.

And I love the way that 3-days of consuming juice-only makes my body feel. I was a little nervous about going from eating potato chips and wine to cleansing the next day… so I prepped for two days.

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The juicing schedule is as follows: I went downstairs to prepare the breakfast I had been dreaming about: Did I lose weight? My actual goal was not just to shed some unwanted weight but mostly to reduce bloat and give my system a reset.


Jus by Julie grew weight loss jus by julie a family business and now we're on our fourth location and growing. I drink lots of water, which helps somewhat. It pretty much came right back on after going back to normal eating.

A failure to follow these instructions could lead to unwanted side effects.

His cholesterol went down by 70 points They were refreshing and filling. A combination of spinach, romaine lettuce, apples, chia seeds, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, dates, and organic vegan protein tastes like swamp sludge to me.

The second day I ate egg whites for breakfast, veggies and fruit the rest of the day, weight loss jus by julie a small sweet potato for dinner.

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I drink the Spicy Lemonade and other juices closer together throughout the day. Day 3 - It was Sunday morning and I wasn't in the mood to drink any more juices. The pineapple and mango really gave nice flavor to an otherwise undesirable green juice.

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I'm living my passion! Around 5 pm I did get really hungry and even felt a little 'high'.

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I created an entire video throughout the process, showing how my body looked and talking about the individual juices weight loss jus by julie how it all felt for me, so watch that here or read until the end of the post to find maximum weight loss on hcg diet more. First day I cut out all processed foods and wine- ate pretty much protein, veggies and fruit only.

Their juices were delivered overnight via Fed Ex… in an ice-packed box.