Neena veena fat burning. Veena and Neena - Bellydance Fitness for Beginners: Basic Moves & Fat Burning #01DB

You will also find that the Bellydance Basic Moves are a neena veena fat burning way to express yourself, fully and joyfully. You Will Probably Like This Video If You like to incorporate high-impact aerobics into your fitness routine, and agile fat loss agency experienced enough with such exercise to know how to minimize the risk to your joints and shins.

Fitness for Beginners: Fat Burning

As I said, i didn't expect to learn bellydance, but I did think these workouts would use bellydance to create a cardio workout. I did them one after the other and got a moderate cardio workout, and doing just one tape would be good for a beginner or someone who wanted a lighter intensity day. It's fairly high impact, especially considering you wear no shoes to cushion the hops.

Veena and Neena demonstrated each move competently, while a voice-over described how to do each move. You Probably Won't Care for This Video If You would find it almost impossible to sustain running speed on a treadmill for minutes. Combined with the Middle Eastern rhythms of the original soundtrack, you will find Bellydance Fitness the most pleasurable workout you have ever experienced.

BUT, I offer a small consolation prize. Production quality was excellent. I think these videos don't really know what audience most popular otc diet pills want to appeal to.

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Losing weight or maintaining a desired weight is a constant struggle, but Bellydance will help you enjoy the lose weight off bottom of stomach. Though there are more moves in Slim Down, it is still repetitive since those moves are repeated and you go back to the genie bounce a side to side step after each.

The workout was very repetitious. In the cooldown, the workout transitions into slower moves to bring the heart rate down, and for the first time on this video you see the element of fluidity that people usually associate with belly dance.


There is less bouncing, but all moves are put together by reverting to genie bounces a side to side step. Its weird 43 lose weight the intensity, with its non-stop jumping is quite high, but the basic choreography is more suited for beginners. The video was well lit, and the twins wore clothing that made them easy to see against the background.

This garb also provided an appropriate role model on how to dress for a workout based on belly dancing.

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This workout uses a variety of rhythms and tempos to raise your heart rate to the optimal level for burning neena veena fat burning. Its hard to imagine a beginner having the capacity for this tape and an advanced wanting to do the same step for almost half an hour. The video made good use of camera work.

The slight upgrades in choreography and production values probably agile fat loss agency be enough. It has lower impact, more steps, some bellydance moves and more arm movements though those movements are repeated over and over It is more accessible to beginners, but advanced exercisers will still probably find it too repetitive to hold their attention after a few run throughs.

After too short a dance, you get down on the floor for stretching. Bellydance movements are a safe, simple and effective way to achieve lasting fitness. These videos are too repetitive and basic to be of much interest to an advanced exercisers and too repetitive and how to weight loss 3 kg in 15 days for a beginner.

The program is easy to learn, will thoroughly exercise your body from head to toes, but is low impact, relaxing, sensually stimulating and fun. In both of these videos, there are some questionable camera angles. It could lead to foot injury, joint injury, or shin splints if your technique is not correct, but the video does not provide any information on correct technique to guide you.

In fat Burning, the workout is essentially all jumping from foot to foot.

Bellydance Fitness for Beginners - Fat Burning (VHS, 1999)

This ancient form of artistic movement has been practiced for thousands of years and remains exceptionally popular throughout the world. The set was attractive without calling too much attention to itself. I am reviewing them together because basically they are the same video. It is an experience you will look forward to everyday!

Slim Down is somewhat better. Slim Down uses a few bellydance steps, and it is cardio. It is the perfect exercise to help you reach your goals, feel good about yourself, and have fun. The arm motions consist of weight loss diet plan for women arms out to the side or sticking your finger on your head.

This cutting-edge workout is guaranteed to make you sweat!


Just a lot of hopping around. During the 7-minute warm-up, the video takes you through stretching the neck from side to side, rotating the ankles, hamstring stretches, circling the knees, and brushing the feet.

There were admittedly some variations in arm movements and positions, but not enough to ease the boredom. There is side to side twisting, and piston shimmy also a dance move achieved by alternating from one foot to the other.

If weight loss diet plan for women sort of wanted to like Fat Burning but found it too repetitive, Slim Down might work for you. While these steps are used in bellydance and in middle eastern folk dances, they are also fairly generic cardio steps. The video taught primarily "just for exercise" moves, with very few that were actually "belly dancing".

This workout uses a variety of rhythms and tempos to raise your heart rate to the optimal level for burning calories. It hardly feels lose weight after 45 bellydance or even folkdance for that matter. The sound quality is excellent - you can hear the music, but it doesn't overpower the narrative. It didn't use very many close-ups, but when it did they were appropriate, focusing on the correct body parts for the move being demonstrated at the moment.

The variations in movement and speed will keep you at your target rate without excessive stress or exhaustion. Combined with the Middle Eastern rhythms of the original soundtrack, you will find Bellydance Fitness the most pleasurable workout you have ever experienced. Basic Moves - "Belly dancing provides us with a way to stay healthy and fit, and a way to stay relaxed and open," say professional belly dancers Veena and Neena Bidasha.

The twins dance well, but it would have been nice if the performances had been treated as part of the content rather than as background for the credits. Unfortunately, because these performances occur while the opening and closing credits are rolling across neena veena fat burning screen, the text distracts from the pleasure of watching the performance.

This evening I did the Fat Burning tape from the original 4-pack and followed it with the new Slim Down tape.

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It doesn't really matter to you whether the video uses belly dance moves or not, you just want a video that will lead you through a cardio workout. I didn't expect to learn a routine, to learn dance moves or how to bellydance. In Fat Burning, you jump around a gazillion times with your finger on your head.

The moves taught do indeed provide the benefits of maintaining a vigorous heart rate and burning fat. Neither of the workouts are porno-ish, to use the reviewer's word, or even sexual.


My background includes ballet, tap, modern, flamenco and middle eastern. They also don't offer much agile fat loss agency the way of form pointers which bothers me, because although the moves are simple, a simple move executed incorrectly can still result in injury.

None of these are dance-oriented moves. Each program is just thirty minutes long and set to the incredible music of Ron Wagner. In the cardio section, the opening step involves rocking between the forward foot and the back foot.

I find this easy to follow. Personally, I find that a whole workout in voice-over feels very uninviting, less like a class and more like a lecture. The closing credits were superimposed over the cane and sword performances at the end.

Classes almost always provide some exercise value and you can really up the ante in your home neena veena fat burning to get a decent workout as you prepare your moves for class. This video focuses on high-energy cardiovascular exercise, and if you're not experienced with vigorous workouts, weight loss diet plan for women may find it difficult to keep going at this pace.

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This is based on a move that is used in the Egyptian cane dance, but then they add many variations that are not dance moves, they're just exercise variations involving leaping from one foot to the other. In this production, you will learn the basic moves needed to use Bellydance for fitness.

But Bellydance is also one of the safest, simplest and most effective ways to achieve lasting fitness. I however, have not been thrilled with these videos.

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The crop tops, tights, and hip scarves weight loss diet plan for women the twins wore contrasted well with the background and made it easy to see the moves they were demonstrating. You have a history of knee, foot, or ankle trouble that would be aggravated by leaping from foot to foot for 15 minutes.

These distracted attention away from the performances. You will also find that the Bellydance Basic Moves are a delightful way to express yourself fully and joyfully. However, i found the fairly disengaged voice over uninspiring and the routines boring and monotonous.

It is an experience you will look forward to weight loss diet plan for women Of the four tapes in this series, this one will make you feel the most like a belly dancer. There's no variety neena veena fat burning arm movement or positions.

You prefer videos that maintain a continuous pace of movement over an extended period of time without pausing so you can use them as a framework for an exercise workout.

After 30 bounces, I stopped counting. It did feel a bit porno-ish, but I think maybe since these are marketed as bellydance videos, the camera folks thought they should focus on these key body parts of bellydancing.

Once performed as entertainment for royalty and common people alike, these beautiful movements evolved with strong links to womanhood, sensuality and even fertility. Its not creative, its not interesting. After seeing far too many videos where it seemed like the camera operators and video editors used every special effect in their toy box, I found it refreshing to view a video in which the camera work and editing enhanced the experience rather than distracting from it.

There is rocking forward and back, side to side, and different variations on both. All the bouncing and hopping really works possibly overworks your calves and ankles. What I Didn't Like: The angle varied just enough to prevent the video from becoming monotonous, but wasn't overdone. These workouts are not only fun, but also a delightful way to develop personal expression.

I found the set quite pleasant and the camera neena veena fat burning was fine, even if it did focus a lot on the twins' breasts, stomaches and hips. While bellydance is a great dance and neena veena fat burning for women, uplifting, empowering, inspiring, there is none of those qualities in these workouts.

Because the workout is high impact in nature lots of leaping from one foot to the otherit can place a lot of stress on the knees and ankles. Order Online Bollywood Blast The twins have taken the hottest moves from their breathtaking Bollywood shows and created two dance-based workouts that will burn off extra pounds! This is an aerobics video that uses almost no belly dancing movements.

While the sisters seem charismatic in their introductions, this doesn't come through in the voice over. Their amazing talent and delightful style will keep you captivated and totally motivated. There was no information on the video about lose weight if obese technique to use in avoiding injury.

Arabic DVD s: Veena and Neena, Basic Moves and Fat Burning

Another reviewer said porno-ish, and while I think that is probably to strong, I would agree that they are inappropriate. The larger problem is that there is no attention to form or instruction whatsoever in either of these workouts. The leaping from foot to foot that dominates the first part of the cardio workout was borrowed from the Egyptian cane dance, but it's only one of many moves that might be done when dancing and it becomes monotonous quite quickly.

Most bothersome is the total lack of instruction in either.