How to lose all the fat on your legs, if you're...

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Any type of cardio is better than none, but you've got a goal to reach. While this is probably a reliable estimate in the short-term, according to Today's Dietitian, it doesn't hold up over time.

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You've got 30 days. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, skinless poultry, fish, whole grains and legumes will help you build a balanced diet that fits within your goals. Your back should remain straight throughout the exercise.

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Twice a week, train all your major muscle groups — arms, chest, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, thighs and calves. Breakfast may include old-fashioned oatmeal, fruit smoothies, bran cereals, yogurt or whole-wheat pancakes with a fruit topping.

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This means reducing 70 to calories a day — totally manageable. This will not help you lose fat, but it can make you more confident in social situations. Cellulite is incredibly common in women about 90 percent of us have itand reducing it is how can i burn fat off my hips frequently-cited desire among women trying to lose weight.

Try This Sample Lower Body Workout

Allow your weights to touch your toes -- or simply go down as far as possible -- then raise back to starting position using your hips. Make a clean diet, a lot of cardio and some strength training your priority, and you'll be happy with your results a month from now.

Perform three sets of 10 reps three to five days per week.

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Enormous amounts of research have been devoted to exploring the concept of spot-specific fat loss in a specific area. In fact, many Eastern bloc powerlifters have moved away from exclusively doing back squats to doing more step-ups because of how beneficial they are for developing single leg strength.

Multiplying your weight in pounds by 15 and then 16 will help you estimate the range of calories you need daily. Your calorie needs depend on several factors, including your age, weight, gender and activity if i eat healthy will i lose weight. In fact, muscle makes a huge difference Shutterstock It's a well-known saying among fitness professionals that weight loss happens in the kitchen — because shedding extra fat is largely about your diet.

Once again, if you want glutes of steel, a solid lower back, and a fit body, then deadlifts are a must.

Spot reduction is a myth

Alongside deadlifts and the next exercise, this is one exercise I would definitely add to your leg strengthening and fat burning arsenal. Lifestyle Changes and Temporary Fixes Following the usual recommendations -- take the stairs instead of the elevator, exercise during television commercials or park farther away from the grocery store -- will speed up the fat loss on your legs and bum.

If you carry most weight around your legs and bum, you should see a difference within a couple of weeks. The best weight loss results happen gradually over time.

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Sprinting is best performed through a high intensity interval training workout, or HIIT. Fruits and vegetables are always healthful choices for snacking, and most have fewer than calories per serving.

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But you shouldn't just train your legs — you want to build total-body lean muscle mass for the biggest metabolic boost and all-over muscle tone. You're going to have to make some big changes over the next 30 days if you want to noticeably trim and tone your legs. If you're not up to a full high-intensity workout, interval training can be just as effective.

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Step-ups — 6RM per leg 2b. All of sudden, it's a mad rush to get the dress or the bikini — and then fit into it!

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However, if you run at a pace of 5. Fill your plate with a variety of foods that aid in weight loss and have excellent nutritional value to keep your body working properly. This can eventually lead to lower back problems.