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Fruitastic — For a team with a fantastic diet consisting mostly of fruits. Which of these weight loss team names do you like best? Workout-holics — For a team that works out diligently to cut down on their weight. Profits In Losses — For a team winning in their journey of losing weight.

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On Becoming — A team with the goal of losing weight and becoming healthier. If you are with like-minded group members, they will provide constant support, and if you are in a versatile group, where both paunch owners and ab owners workout together, you will push yourself beyond your accepted limits to increase cute weight loss names pace to reach your dream body.

Cute Weight Loss Team Names Would you rather settle for a team name that sounds adorable and charming? Team To 0 — For a team working towards cutting down greatly on their body weight.

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Wicked Workouts Squad — For a squad ready to burn off excess fat with the most intense workout. Healthy Living Club — For a club formed with the goal of making healthier lifestyle choices to lose weight. Iron Arms — For a team that has proven to be energetic especially in the area of lifting weights.

Here are some of the coolest weight loss team names we could think of: Subliminal weight loss cds 4 Fitness — A team working relentlessly to get fitter.

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Sugar Crush — Eliminating all forms of sugar to cut down on weight. Allergic 2 Fat — For team members that refuse to settle for being fat much longer. Team -1 — For a team working towards drop a calorie daily in their weight-loss journey. Snack Attack — For a group that has quit indulging in unhealthy snacks. Desirable Bodies — For a group ready to achieve a body that can help them feel confident and desirable again.

Fat Bottoms — For a team with a lot of members carrying overweight butts. Down The Scale — For a group working on reducing their weight on the scale. Fit Figures — For a team working hard to own a fit body figure.

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Moving Machines — An energetic and physically active weight-loss team. The Six Pack Squad — A squad working out intensely to build up some stomach and chest abs. Consider the following funny weight loss how to lose weight naturally and healthily names: Size 8 — For a weight loss team striving towards having a size 8 figure. Belly Fat Gone — For a team working towards eliminating all pre-existing belly fat.

Fat Slayers — For a group of overweight people working on cutting off the excess fat. Free From Flab — For a team working towards getting rid of fat tissues. Body Buddies how to lose weight on the back of your arms A group of buddies working together to get a healthier, fitter body.

The Trained Minds — A group that has trained their minds to see the need to lose weight. Finally Fit — For a cute weight loss names finally seeing results from the weight-loss plan.

Pole Buddies — For a group that carries out a lot of pole exercises. FattaBoys — For an all-men team ready to cut off some weight.

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Squats Squad — For a squad that performs a lot of squat exercises in their routine. A team workout helps you how do you lose fat around your belly quicker results by providing the required support, motivation, and a sense of accountability to the fellow team members. Hangry Hippos — A group of hippo-sized people that get hungry and tensed when working out.

Weight-Lifters — For a team of weightlifters burning fat in the process. Experts suggest that when in a group, we are less likely to skip the exercises we don't like. Small-boned Squad — A squad dedicated to watching what they eat to help lose excess weight.

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Less Of Excess — For a group that is working towards cutting down on excessive eating. The entire process of achieving your health goals doesn't only involve physical exertion, but emotional as well.

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Track Racers — For a team doing a lot of running around on a track. The Fit Army — A team of disciplined and hard-working weight-loss members ready to get fit. Fit and Fly — For a team working towards owning a fitter body they can feel confident about.

Fat 2 Fit — Perfect for a group striving to get fit and lose some fat. Intensified — A team with intense and effective workout moves. The Weight Loss Project — For a team working on a weight-loss plan committedly. Fit Chicks — For a female team aspiring to have a trim and fit figure.

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In-Shape — Perfect for the team that is ready to get and stay in shape. Unrepentant Thinners — A group of weight-loss members constantly motivated to achieve all their goals. Team Tuff Girls — For an all-girl team with tough workout moves for losing weight with. Something with a twist fastest weight loss fasting an interesting ring to it?

The Slims — For a team with the ultimate goal of getting slimmer. Chunky Chicks Unite — For a female team of preppy but chubby females ready to help each other lose weight. Something simple and easy to recollect?

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Skinny Sistas — For an all-female team working on bringing down their weight drastically. Unfatly — For a group working on cutting off excess body fat once and for all. Fit-aholics — For how do you lose fat around your belly weight-loss group with a new obsession for getting a fit body.

Weight Watchers — For a group coming together to help each other watch their cute weight loss names. Dieting Divas — An all-female team of overweight ladies going on a diet. Scale-Broken — A team with dangerously high weights on the scale. The Nudge — For a team pushing together towards having a healthier weight.

Fit Friends Only how to lose your stomach fast For a group prepared to help one another with their weight-loss plans.

37 Catchy Weight Loss Blog Names - Phat Attack — A group that has decided to wage an attack against being over-weight.

The Chubby Squad — For a weight-loss squad with plump and overweight members working towards slimming down. No More Jiggling — For team members with so much fat that it jiggles when are there any weight loss pills that really work walk. Less Bod Baggage — For a team ready to drop excess body baggage fat. The Push Club — For a club ready to push collectively towards their weight-loss goal.

Zip Down — A group that has decided to get on a how remove belly fat to lose weight. Good Cooks — A weight loss team that pays special attention to the kinds of meal they eat.

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  5. Moving Machines — An energetic and physically active weight-loss team.
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The Chunky Bunch — A bunch of overweight, bulky team members ready to lose weight. Obesity Escape — A weight-loss group working on escaping from being obese. Wicked Behavior — A team performing difficult exercises to drastically lose weight. The Standard — A team working together to become an inspiration with their weight-loss achievements.

Teamed-Up 2 Trim-Down subliminal weight loss cds For a team of overweight people working to trim down on some weight. Marching Mamas — A team of mothers who do a lot of marching around as a form of exercise.

Chunky Monkey — For a team of adorable but chubby-looking members of a weight-loss program. Dumbbell Darlings — A female team that enjoys exercising using dumbbells. Waisted Women — For a group of overweight women working on reducing fat fastest weight loss fasting their waist.

Phat Attack — A group that has decided to wage an attack against being over-weight.

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Team Skinny Pants — For a team fastest weight loss fasting the goal of being able to fit into smaller clothing again. Uncrushed — A group that is determined to keep trying to lose weight.

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As Woody Allen puts it, "Eighty percent of success is showing up. Thick 2 Thin — For a team that is ready for a major transformation in their weight. The Fitness Club — For those looking to get fitter and more active physically than they previously were.

Fit Butts — For a team working on getting firmer and fit-looking butts together.

37 Catchy Weight Loss Blog Names

Me A-New — Getting a less weighty body that feels as good as new. The Fast Club — For a group making tremendous improvement and cute weight loss names results from their weight-loss program. Mind-Nutrition-Body — For a group with a reformed mindset about how eating right affects their body.

This FitnessVigil article will give you some unique fitness challenge team name ideas to help you with this endeavor. Muscle Men — For a group of men training to gain some muscles through their weight-loss plan.

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Weight Shedders — A team committed to shedding excess weight. We assume that because you are looking for some suggestions for fitness team names, you have already decided on the right thing to do.

Fruit Fetish — For a team with a diet that consists of fruits only. Size 10 Only — Working towards cutting off fat and being a size 10 at most. Something that everyone would x5 weight loss pills love?