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Her problems started gradually.

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She now describes sugar as a drug and talks about how it ages the skin and is even linked with brain cancer. If you are not sweating heavily, out of breath and aching the following day, then you are not exercising hard enough to get in shape.

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Dinner is weight loss xenical results the greens that were mentioned earlier, along with some salmon or other lean protein. Soup is an excellent choice for lunch as it leaves you feeling full for longer.

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She shot to fx sulli weight loss 2019 after appearing in as a house-mate on Big Brother, a reality TV show in which contestants have to live together in the same house while being constantly recorded. However, she did manage to get back on track again and lose the rest of her excess weight. She is a standout amongst the most competitors on the show as she won the title with She is a reporter for OK!

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But the star is looking forward to a jam-packed summer which will help to take her mind off things. But, if you're a celeb, you can't do that.

The Josie Gibson Diet by Josie Gibson

She always has a morning snack of nuts or a protein shake. Like us on Facebook.

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However, she says that the best part of drinking less is waking up every day feeling fresh and ready for action. But most important for now, the exercise has helped her to lose weight and get in shape.


Whether you're attending a wedding, birthday party or even a romantic dinner, a stylish satin dress could be just the ticket. Later she began composing columns for the Now magazine.

She says that on her diet you can eat as much greens as you like and she often fills up on cabbage, green beans and leeks. She now enjoys exercising and says that she often wants to exercise daily now.

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We hope she has a treat day as that all sounds a bit Last week Josie Gibson broke up with her boyfriend in a public spat on Twitter. However, she says Luke's "very supportive", so that's nice for them both. She recently lost 84 pounds with a combination of diet and exercise, and there were no fads or crazy starvation tactics used either.

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  2. Pictured here, Josie looks happy and confident, and we imagine it's in now small part down to her fantastic dress.
  3. When she started her diet she was 17 stone pounds and a UK size 18 US size

A combination of a strict diet and exercise regime helped her slim down from 16st 7lb and a size 18 to 10st 2lb. In her interview with OK!

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They really take care of you.