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In a perfect world we would have all the answers! Go with whatever works whatever that may be if you can figure it out!

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Eat natural and healthy and walk…like God intended and it will come off people……. Actually, poepl like SCott and Yoni I bet have never researched the conspiracy theories, because they are too comfortable in their money grab and they would not want to lose thier money andalso looking like mud through it all….

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Our bodies are the same and different when it comes to physiologically processing food, nutrients, sugars, fats etc and what works for one does not work for others. In my experience, people lose weight in a number of ways, but the REAL challenge is keeping it off long term.

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What has she done? Please advise me as I am weight loss iv stressed out regarding my weight gain…Thanks Debbie Fiskum February 3, at 8: I would rather be a healthy wingnut with the reward in my heart for the rest of my life,that I accomplished this and can feel good about myself, than a quack that loves to hurt peoples feelings and cut them up and leave life long weight loss supplements at rite aid and pump them fuull of pain killers and B.

Jayme February 14, at Best of luck out there to everyone!

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I am so glad people are not afraid to speak up for God instead of squashing him too. There have been all kinds weight loss supplements at rite aid arguments, positive and negative regarding this type of diet, however, we consistently saw people lose weight safely, lower their blood pressure, stabilize their insulin levels and keep their blood sugar even.

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I will pray for you Yoni and Scott that you will wake up and see this. DO you not know that the conspiracys are actual truth…do the research yourself and quit listening ot the liars.

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Bottom line, maybe the Mullberry Leaf will help you NOT eat that whole bowl of Spagetti, but if you do, you are going to stay fat! You have a chip on your medical pills to loss weight about any natural remedies, but I challenge to you to look into real cases and make your decisions.

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WOW, I just read your own comment about yourself on your site…. I was happy to hear that Mulberry has been successful for many people and that the man was sharing the success story with us!

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I love a big bowl of spagetti, but you will suffer the consequences, and all the Mullberry Leafs in China are not going to help… My own expereince with weight loss is all about changing the diet and adding excercise. The ones that followed Dr.

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My ex-doctor told me that I was morbidly obese and that I should go for the bariatric surgery. I know someone who treated herself wrongly for her sickness. Fundamentally weight loss requires more calories to be burned than consumed.

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  • Drug therapy, prescription, non-prescription, or supplement, offers modest effects, at best.
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ANother fat loss stack not to trust. I still have a lot of faith in the medical.