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Fat Malabsorption Malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins may be treated with vitamin K 1, A, D, and calcium supplementation.

He's at right now with a slow, steady plan to get to by July 4, Now, he's hovering around pounds and is training for a marathon. He weighed around pounds, but when he quickly shed 30 pounds after retiring following the season, he knew he was headed in the right direction. When the league's rosters were finalized for kickoff insome players weighed pounds or more.

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When their time in football ends, how does the transition to a healthy life begin? He now weighs pounds and suggests the routine for other retired linemen.

» How Do NFL Linemen Drop the Weight?

After training, take in a protein and carb recovery shake and a piece of fruit, and later finish your day with a serving of lean beef or fish, with plenty of mixed vegetables and a serving of rice, pasta or sweet potato. Howard and wide receiver Mike Evans. That was my biggest tiredness and unexplained weight loss.

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The midnight snack routine was axed. Eat too many, however, and you won't lose weight.

Losing weight is winning for former NFL offensive linemen

The inability to work out can lead to cardiovascular issues and additional weight gain. A sore joint can deter him from working out.

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  • Today's NFL features linemen well over pounds.

Mims, a defensive end who helped the San Diego Chargers get to the Super Bowl, died five years ago in a seedy Los Angeles apartment, a recluse living on disability payments. It worked, and he has stuck with it while trying to resist glutens and grains.

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Most of his former NFL colleagues aren't so lucky. The pound Chargers center retired after the season.


It was kind of relief to be out of it. He drinks a gallon of water each day. But there is not one set guideline to follow. He showed up for training camp 30 pounds lighter, saying he simply stopped drinking tequila Share or comment on this article: A lot of those things that I went through I had to be mindful of.

Plan Your Day Once you've got your calorie intake sorted and your protein and carbs in place, it's time to plan your schedule.

He was posing for a potential cover for The Challenge magazine in a competition sponsored by a company that sells weight-loss food products. Just having conversations about getting you in the place where you're at your best.

When losing is winning

He was a quarterback at Columbia, class ofand signed with the Cleveland Browns when they offered to put him through medical school at Case Western Reserve. As the day wears on, he eats more proteins than carbohydrates.

Defensive lineman lose weight

Before training or a game, eat an easily digested, higher-carb snack, such as rice cakes with peanut butter and honey or a baked potato with tuna. He averaged 6, calories a day and sometimes had three dinners -- tacos, pizza and pasta.

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  • He now weighs pounds and suggests the routine for other retired linemen.