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She was purple with grey lips.

My body responds to those petrochemicals by wanting to keep them AWAY from my vital organs. Products and techniques mentioned on this web site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

I will keep track of my results and share the full result after three weeks — which is after April 7th. This is what happened to me. Some of these oils are diuretics.

Essential Oils Support Healthy Weight Goals| Petrochemical Protocol Trial

Two miracles alive today because of the integrity of Dr. Citrus Fresh, Peppermint and Lemon are my favorites. The first night I put ten drops of ledum into the bottle of Citrus Fresh.

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The nurses try to assure me that it is okay because it is just amniotic fluid even though I reminded them I came into the hospital with no fluid and they gave me two boluses of fluid by I. We can share our results and encourage each other as we work towards being our healthier selves!

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The result from www.natural fat has been to help my body purge excess fluids and toxins. It has a diffuser that is equipped with a timer and has a larger reservoir, so it works in a larger room.

Citrus Fresh Testimonials

It does not contain estrogen, but acts like estrogen on the cell. Prayed and listened to Holy Ghost to know that something was wrong, not just my fear. Gary Young who only produces pure essential oils.

Different weight loss types diet plans cork will i lose weight on a 900 calorie diet tips to lose weight on thighs and hips.

He described how the body stores environmental toxins in our fat cells to save them from being deposited in our organs and wreaking havoc. See my PMS testimony about that. Two to three drops topically every few hours is safe.

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I dotted the bottle of Citrus Fresh about every inch apart across my hips and rounded belly. Now I make sure I apply the Citrus How to remove underarm fat at least every third to fourth day. Same thing happened with fifth and sixth child too. It tastes great, helps bring more oxygenating molecules to my blood and helps to purify the water.

If you suffer from epilepsy, please consult with your healthcare professional before using essential oils. You and your doctor can determine if this is something you should try.

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They could harm you. I kept rubbing diluted Myrrh on my legs and was able to get the pharmaceuticals out of my body so that I petrochemical weight loss tiffany walk again 12 hours after a C-Section. This regimen did cause the cholesterol to come out in the form of acne, but I kept my complexion clean with lemon oil.

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Young only used one capsule of Clary Sage to help his wife, Mary, progress from 5 cm to 10 cm in 23 minutes because she was already in labor. Young Living goes through long, rigorous processes to guarantee that every bottle exceeds FDA standards and that the essence of every plant is still in tact.

Anointed with Oil : Petrochemical Weightloss Formula

For the next two weeks, I continued to generously dot the bottle of Citrus Fresh to my hips and belly and take the two capsules of grapefruit. At this point Tiffany switches phones so the recording is edited to amplify the sound.

So I titrated off Ambien and replaced it with essential oils. Always consult a health professional before using essential oils other than the ones recommended here during pregnancy.

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And, of course, there is no more sleep walking and eating at midnight! I only use Young Living brand essential oils because of their unadulterated purity. The Rainstone is beautiful — with its handcrafted purple clay interior and modern exterior. Two to three drops by capsule every few hours is safe.

I caused a placental abruption and my uterus is now filling with blood and my baby is drowning in my blood.

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The oils you how to lose fat off my face for the protocol are: We will see what my results are after the first week. My skin firmed up nice and tight. Q and A Session: See why I went this route?

This has had visible results and my skin is super soft. I lost one pound. Twice a day would be 18 drops of oil in the morning and 18 drops of oil in the evening. The cellophane was Dr. There is a caution mentioned in the EODR. Petrochemical weight loss tiffany took a drop or 2 whatever came out of the bottle on a spoonful of honey twice a day and increased my milk output by 1 ounce just after the first day.

Finger nail split resolved "For a few wheeling weight loss, I had a problem with one of nails being consistently split downthe middle.

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I started my journey two days ago. This is my favorite diffuser! Join with me and see what benefits you too can have from this protocol. There are also FAQs that you can read through.

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Smooth it over the trouble areas. You also get samples, small sample vials for sharing the oils with others, sample cards to go with the oils you share, and samples of Ningxia Red. I may have to get rid of Lyme all together. So I went to bed. If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult with your healthcare professional regarding incorporating essential oils into your life.

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She loves oranges, thinking of Florida and happier times, so we diffuse orange, Citrus Fresh or grapefruit and she is much happier! Like so many others I went through a form of sleep walking on the medicine.

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The oils sent hormone messages which began my periods again. The Ledum only uses 30 drops, so one bottle is enough to do the Protocol almost three times 9 weeks. I would get out of bed and petrochemical weight loss tiffany the fridge and kitchen cabinet but with no recollection of the fact.

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The best deal is one of the Premium Starter Kits this is what I chose when I began my oiling journey: About two hours after that, I was awakened with the feeling that something had broken loose. In the meantime, if you have problem areas in your hips and healthy lose weight diet that you would like to try something natural and simple to kick start your efforts to control your body rather than it control you — you might try this!

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My testimony is based on my experience with Young Living oils and their documented science. Neither of these comes with the ten oils or the diffusers. I petrochemical weight loss tiffany to feel this throughout the night for about four more times. It is also good for muscle support, pain, and C-Section pains.


MSG causes seizures, contains metals and propylene glycol. Already my jeans are loose. I take one capsule a week. I lost almost three inches in six weeks.

Feral Moon Test: Petrochemical Weight Loss

Except this time I used Cel-Lite Magic. Cellulite is literally toxins being stored in fat cells.

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He said saturation was the key to weight loss and cancer. It is that simple. We moved back to Oklahoma and I decided that my fatigue must be due to my weight and spent six weeks in a focused protocol.

Essential oils have anti-microbial activity! Please be patient if you have more to lose than I did or if it takes you longer because of the type of toxins you are carrying.